Council meeting ends with council member Mike Fagan calling council President Ben Stuckart a coward

What started out as a quiet meeting Thursday afternoon, ended in a very loud way, with Spokane city council member Mike Fagan yelling "Coward!" at Council President Ben Stuckart.

The meeting was in part to address a letter sent by the city council to Mike Fagan asking him to clarify some comments he made earlier in the week, or resign his seat on the city's health board.

This week council member Fagan posted an article on Facebook questioning the science of vaccines. He also implied that illegal immigrants were responsible for bringing infectious diseases. The letter, in part, said that the other council members recognize Mike Fagan's right to freedom of speech. But not the right for his opinions to be representative of the council or the city.

On Thursday council members actually tabled consideration of the letter and planned to clarify the role of council members who hold board seats. That means that nothing has changed: Mike Fagan remains on the city's health board and remains a Spokane city council member.

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