Couple moving to Washington gets U-Haul stolen outside Spokane hotel

Imagine having everything of sentimental value to you gone an instant. That's one heartbroken couple's reality after their U-Haul was stolen from a Spokane hotel on Saturday.

Michael and Heidi Hartnett are in the process of moving from South Dakota to Washington.

"I'm afraid it's not a joyful welcome," he said. "We're just devastated."

They made a quick overnight stop in Spokane over the weekend. Their U-Haul was stolen from their hotel parking lot. Michael actually saw the crooks drive it away.

"I just saw the side of the truck as it went by and realized it was our truck," Michael said. "If I hadn't been walking the two dogs, I would have chased them down."

Because Michael said what's inside was irreplaceable.

"It's the letters I had from my dad, photo albums," Heidi said.

The couple immediately called police. An SPD spokesman said responding officers did spot the stolen U-Haul and an accompanying vehicle. They were able to stop the vehicle, but they couldn't pursue the fleeing U-Haul for the "safety of the community." The investigation is ongoing.

The couple is just hopeful the suspects do the right thing.

"You've taken things that have no value," Heidi said. "There's nothing there that's going to get you rich."

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