Court Docs: Cheney man on 'magic mushrooms' tells cops he's 'freaking out'

Cheney Police are investigating after a man told them he was "freaking out" on magic mushrooms he had grown himself.

According to court documents, officers were called to a home on Pineview Court on Wednesday night for a reported overdose. When they arrived, they found the man's wife outside. She told them her husband had taken mushrooms and was "freaking out". When officers found the man, he also said he was freaking out and felt like he might hurt someone.

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The man reportedly told the officers that he grew the mushrooms inside his home. He said they were inside a bedroom closet, and gave the officers permission to take a look. He then showed them the coffee mug he used to make tea out of the mushrooms.

Officers say that aside from the mug, they found mushrooms growing everywhere - on a table, on a shelf, in a bag, in the toilet, and on the floor near the toilet.

The man was taken to the hospital, but has not yet been charged with a crime.