Montana woman gets probation for letting infant freeze to death

Court documents released Tuesday are offering more details about a deadly stabbing in Coulee City that left a 17-year-old boy dead and his twin brother in custody for manslaughter.

According to the court documents, it all started as an argument between the two brothers, Shawn and Shane Wachter. Witnesses to the stabbing that happened early Sunday morning told responding deputies that an argument broke out between the brothers around 2 a.m. and that Shane Wachter had been drinking. 

Shane Wachter's girlfriend told deputies the argument started when Shane Wachter rolled off his bed to be funny and started calling to his brother Shawn to help get him up. Shawn came into Shane's room and told him to shut up and go to sleep, and Shane yelled at Shawn that he was loud the night before. Eventually the argument turned physical and the two boys started wrestling, according to the court documents.

The brothers' mother and the mother's boyfriend came into the bedroom to break the fight up. The two brothers stopped fighting, and Shawn Wachter went into the kitchen. Shane Wachter reportedly followed his brother into the kitchen and continued yelling at him.

Witnesses told deputies Shawn grabbed a filet knife from the kitchen to defend himself. According to the court documents, Shawn Wachter told deputies on the scene Shane kept coming toward him so he grabbed the knife and hit him with the back end of it. Shawn Wachter told deputies "I grabbed the knife and jabbed him with the back end of it to get him away from me. He still wouldn't get away and I went to get drink of water I guess he walked into it or something like it." He also told deputies, "I don't know how it stabbed into him, like it probably he walked into it."

According to the documents, the family called police and attempted to stop the bleeding and give Shane CPR. Paramedics arrived and took Shane to the hospital where he later died.

Shawn Wachter was charged with first degree manslaughter and domestic violence assault. He made his first court appearance Tuesday where his bond was set at $50,000.

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