COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - KHQ obtained court documents, filled with police reports of what happened on the Memorial Day death in Coeur d'Alene.

On Memorial Day, 20-year-old Gabe Casper, and his two friends, Ashton Creech, and Vadin Bartlett met up with Matthew Holmberg and Dennon Fitterer-Usher.

In the meeting Casper was shot and killed, Holmberg and Fitterer-Usher are behind bars, facing drug charges, but it was never clear on what went wrong that day.

But according to newly obtained court documents, Bartlett told police that, "Gabe's intentions and plans were to meet, grab the pills, and steal them."

Court documents show that Casper's girlfriend, Molly Cox, also backed up that story.

The court documents show that Casper was planning on robbing them for "mexi's," which is a small blue pill with fentanyl that is 50 to 100 x stronger than morphine.

Cox told police that Casper knew Holmberg and bought drugs from Holmberg two times before the Memorial Day meeting.

The documents said that Casper had communicated with Holmberg through Snapchat, where Holmberg went under the name "Pacman 2021."

According to Cox, Casper had plans to rob them and asked Creech and Bartlett to come to be extra bodies at the Memorial Day meet-up.

The documents said Cox was waiting in her car to be the getaway driver.

Court documents said Casper, Bartlett and Creech got into the backseat of a red Jeep, Holmberg and Fitterer-Usher were in the front.

According to the court documents, both Casper and Bartlett had guns on them.

The docs don't say if either planned to use them, but they do say that at some point Fitterer-Usher and Casper began fighting over a black duffel bag.

In the course of that tug of war, the documents said Fitterer-Usher fired his gun at them.

Creech and Bartlett got out of the car, taking off through the neighborhood, and told police that as they ran, they heard more shots, six or seven in total according to the court documents.

Documents said Casper was shot in his head, left shoulder, left hand, and chest.

Docs then said Holmberg sped off.

Casper's body was found about a mile from where he initially met with the two men.