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Spokane Police Officers were called to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital Friday after receiving word that a three month old baby had arrived at the Intensive Care Unit with severe brain trauma.

Court documents say the parents took the baby to the Holy Family Hospital, where the injuries were deemed severe. The baby was then taken by ambulance to Sacred Heart.

According to the documents, a CPS caseworker says one of the nurses at Holy Family mentioned that they saw the baby's father punch a scale next to the baby's head while he was in the Holy Family ER.

Spokane Police Officers say when they arrived at the Sacred Heart ICU, the father was immediately hostile and began to video tape them on his cell phone. According to court documents, the officers advised the father of his rights and told him they were recording the conversation.

According to court documents, the father told officers that the night before, he had given the baby his nighttime feeding and the mother went to bed because she was tired. The father said the baby was crying when he woke up the next morning, and was straining to defecate. He told officers he held the baby while the mother made him a bottle. She then took him into their bedroom to feed him. The father told officers that moments later, she was screaming. He told them that he ran into the room and saw that the baby was not breathing and its eyes rolled back into its head. The father told officers he began to shake the baby fairly hard at the time to revive him. He told officers that it caused the baby to start breathing again and the couple jostled the baby a few times on the way to the hospital to revive him again.

Court documents say the officers told the father that the baby's rigid body, eyes rolling,  breath stoppage, and brain injuries were consistent with a violent trauma to the brain. The father told the officers he had no idea how the baby would have an injured brain, denying anything more than shaking him to revive him.

Officers say the mother told much of the same story, except she told them that when she made the bottle for the baby, she could not see the father holding the child the entire time. Court documents say she also told officers that the father never shook the baby, and that instead she moved the baby's arms and legs in a fast manner to revive it.  

Doctors say the baby is showing a subdural hemorrhage on the right side of the brain, and significant retinal hemorrhages in both eyes , with the retina almost detached from the brain.

Doctors will be doing a complete body scan of the baby Thursday to determine if there are any other injuries.

Doctors say the baby will likely be impaired the rest of its life, and will most likely have vision problems.

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