Newly released court documents obtained by the Spokesman-Review detail the exchange between Gonzaga men's basketball head coach Mark Few and the Coeur d'Alene Police officer who arrested him on Monday for Driving Under the Influence, before later releasing him with a citation.

On Monday evening, around 8:00 p.m., Coeur d'Alene Police officer Matthew Lovingler responded to a report of a person driving under the influence within the city limits, at Dalton Avenue and 4th Street.

Fire Captain Seth Hohenstreet was driving nearby at the time and called in the DUI after noticing a black SUV swerving erratically and speeding. Upon arrival, Officer Lovingler conducted a traffic stop, pulling over the black SUV.

According to court documents, Officer Lovingler said he could smell alcoholic beverages on Few's breath through the open car window. He also added that Few had "watery bloodshot eyes and spoke slowly." He said that Few was moving very slowly and had difficulty finding his paperwork in the center console and glovebox.

While speaking to Few, Officer Lovingler said he often had to repeat questions and would start sentences that trailed off without finishing what he was saying.

"Mark told me he was coming home from his vacation house at Hayden Lake and driving to Spokane" Officer Lovingler said. "Mark told me he had spent the day with his family. I asked him how much he had to drink today and Mark told me nothing. I did not believe that Mark was being truthful based on my previously stated observations" said Lovingler.

According to the court documents, Officer Lovingler proceeded to ask Few to exit the vehicle. Few refused to exit the car. "I told Mark that exiting his vehicle was not optional and he needed to step out but he refused. I continued to tell Mark he needed to exit his vehicle as I opened his door and he finally complied" said Lovingler.

After telling Few to move to the rear bumper Few instead moved to the passenger door and Officer Lovingler noted that he seemed to be having a hard time following his instructions. He also said that Few leaned against his car for support as he stood.

Court documents say Officer Lovingler told Few he wanted him to complete a standardized field sobriety test to ensure he would be safe to drive his car. He said Few began arguing with him about whether or not the tests were subjective.

Few told Officer Lovingler that he was going to call his attorney before any evaluations were completed. While arguing, court documents say Few put his hands in his pockets several times, despite direct instructions to keep his hands out of his pockets at all times.

"He appeared unable or unwilling to follow my directions to keep his hands out of his pockets" said Officer Lovingler.

Few informed Lovingler that he would be unable to complete any of the field sobriety tests due to previous knee and ankle injuries. When told he only needed to stand in one spot for the horizontal gaze nystagmus evaluation, Few again refused.

Court documents say that Few went on to tell Officer Lovingler that he is the men's basketball coach for Gonzaga University. He detailed his health to the officer, rating his overall health status as a seven on a scale from 1-10.

When asked again about how much alcohol he consumed that day, Few contradicted his previous statement, saying that he had two beers that day with his last beer being consumed about four hours prior being pulled over.

Based on the visual observations of impairment, Hohenstreet's previous report of the erratic driving, and Few's refusal to complete a field sobriety test, Officer Lovingler determined that Few was driving under the influence of alcohol to a degree which made him unsafe to drive a car.

Officer Lovingler placed Few under arrest, handcuffed him, and put him in the back of the patrol car.

Lovingler then played an audio narration of the ALS notice of suspension form. After waiting the required fifteen-minute deprivation period, Lovingler conducted a breathalyzer test to obtain breath samples from Few. His samples came back 0.119/0.120 which are significantly higher than the legal limit in Idaho of 0.08.

At this point, Few called his friend to pick up his car and dogs. He then requested to be taken to the hospital to receive an independent blood draw.

Officer Lovingler transported Few to Kootenai Health and let him speak with a hospital staff to obtain the blood test.

While waiting for the blood draw results, Officer Lovingler called Hohenstreet to confirm the details of his observations from Few's driving. Hohenstreet told Lovingler that he witnessed Few's black SUV weaving heavily, drifting over the center line and into the bike lane multiple times. He also said that Few was nearly hit three signs before he notified dispatch.

Hohenstreet also said that the fire engine drove behind the SUV​, matching its speed going 35 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone by the high school.

He said the SUV continued to accelerate as it passed the school.

Court documents say that while waiting at the hospital, Officer Lovingler was contacted by his superiors and directed to release Few from custody and issue him a citation.

Lovingler released Few from custody and issued him a citation as ordered. Few then called a friend to pick him up from the hospital.