Detectives with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office are investigating a 1st Degree Criminal Mistreatment case after a 3-month-old baby tested positive for meth. 

Court documents obtained by KHQ Friday state the baby was brought to the hospital sweating profusely, making erratic movements with his hands and arms, was hot to the touch and had a pulse of 210 beats per minute. According to the court documents, a doctor told an investigating detective that the child was at risk of organ failure and potentially death based on the level of intoxication. 

During their investigation, it was found the baby tested positive for meth when he was born and subsequently has been in the care of his grandparents since then.

However, the baby visited his mother before he tested positive for meth. That visit was supervised and the person overseeing it said she was in constant visual contact with the child and never saw the mother smoke or appear to ingest anything. That same person, however, did state in court records that they saw the mother make the child a bottle using water from a water bottle and formula from a container on the coffee table. The baby's aunt was also present during that visit and between the two of them, the child was never set down. 

Later that night, the baby was found at the grandparents house exhibiting signs of meth use and had a heartbeat rate of 210 beats per minute when they arrived at Valley Hospital. 

The mother admitted to detectives she had relapsed on meth in the days prior to the visit but had no idea how the baby would have ingested it during the visit. She told detectives she still had some meth left over and it was safe in her room along with a pipe. 

As of right now, no charges have been filed, but detectives have issued a search warrant for clothes, blankets, baby bottles and other items used during the visit for possible cross contamination.