Warning: This article contains graphic content involving shootings, alcohol, and violence. 

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- 42-year-old Jason E. Woodlief was charged with Second Degree Murder in the Spokane County Court on Monday, after he was arrested for shooting and killing his roommate's girlfriend in their house. 

At the time of the shooting, Jason lived in a duplex with his roommate Randy Mollette. Randy's girlfriend, Lisa Shimek had been staying with them at the house for about three weeks with her two children. 

On October 9th, 2021, Jason went to his brother's house in the Spokane Valley with Randy, Lisa, and her two children to watch a boxing match. Court documents say that Jason was seen drinking heavily and arguing with guests at the house. 

Court documents say that Randy left early with Lisa and her kids and went back to his house for the night. Shortly after returning home, two other men arrived at the house and told Randy that Jason was drunk and had smashed up their car. 

While the two men were explaining what happened to Randy, Jason arrived home and began arguing with the two men, Randy, and Lisa. 

During the argument, court documents say that Jason went downstairs to the basement, where his room was located, and could be heard loading what sounded like a firearm. The two men immediately left the house. 

Jason returned back upstairs and Lisa ran to her bedroom. Jason reportedly followed Lisa to her bedroom and seconds later Randy said he heard a loud 'bang' from the area of his and Lisa's bedroom. Randy said he initially thought it was the sound of the door slamming, but would later come to realize it was the sound of a gunshot. 

Randy exited the home and began calling 911. Seconds after exiting the house to call 911, Randy heard 5-6 more gunshots come from inside the house. Randy hid behind a parked car across the street from the house. 

Court documents say that Jason exited the house and Randy reported hearing something drop on the ground near where Jason was standing (where deputies would later find a revolver and spent casing matching the description of the weapon used in the shooting). 

Randy went back inside his house where he found Lisa bleeding from what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Randy ran back outside and saw Jason walking away down the street just as deputies were arriving. He told police where Jason was last seen and police were able to arrest Jason shortly after. 

A neighbor also came into the house to help care for Lisa's kids who were still hiding in the bedroom next to where Lisa had been shot. 

When police and medical units arrived to the house they attempted to provide medical aid to Lisa, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Jason was arrested one block down the street from the house where the shooting occurred. When the deputy made contact with him he immediately requested an attorney, even before being advised of his rights. 

Court documents also say that Jason later asked the deputy, without being questioned or prompted to do so; "dumb question, but can you just put a bullet in my head please?" and "I messed up pretty bad didn't I?"

Detectives found evidence matching the witness descriptions at the scene of the crime, including a black revolver with a white grip, casings and ammunition matching the weapon, and an open ammunition case and gun case also matching the weapon. 

Detectives were also granted access to Randy's Ring doorbell camera to obtain evidence. Court documents show that the video footage during the time of the crime matched the descriptions and timeline of the described incident. 

In the description of the Ring doorbell camera's footage from that morning, Jason arrived home and could be heard yelling "get the f*** out of my house!" Shortly after, the first loud 'bang' can be heard inside the house. Jason, who was still in the house, could be heard yelling "I don't really give a f***!" 

Randy can be seen walking out of the house dialing a cell phone as he heads toward the front yard. Inside the house a male and female, presumably Jason and Lisa, can still be heard arguing after the first gunshot. 

Jason can be heard yelling "I'll come in there and shoot [unintelligible]!" to which Lisa replies "Why..." and then five additional gunshots are heard being fired inside the home in the span of two seconds. Lisa's voice is never heard again.

The video footage also captured Jason leaving the house holding a black revolver with a white grip and the sound of empty casings hitting the concrete nearby. 

Court documents say that Jason made contact with Randy in the street and could be heard saying "I shot [unintelligible]." Randy then starts yelling "Dude! Dude! Are you serious?"

Randy then ran back inside the house and can be heard yelling "Honey! Are you f****** serious? No! No! God d*****! F******... Hey!" 

Police arrived shortly after this exchange and began investigating the incident. 

Jason appeared in court for the first time on Monday and is charged with Second Degree Murder. 

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