sinto shooting


Ivan Lopez plead not guilty on his second-degree murder charge Tuesday. He will be back in court on Nov. 8. 


Court documents obtained by KHQ appear to detail the events that led up to the shooting of a man outside The Star Restaurant and Lounge in Spokane early Monday morning. 

Multiple witness statements shed light on what happened in the early hours of August 2nd, including from the nephew of the victim, whose identity has not been released by the Spokane County Medical Examiner, as well as a woman who the victim and suspect seemed to have been fighting over. 

According to witness testimony, the trouble began earlier that night at a rodeo in Cheney. The woman told police that she had met the suspect, later identified as Ivan Lopez-Gutierrez, before but did not know him well. She agreed to meet up with Ivan at the rodeo earlier that morning. The woman was not interested in Ivan, but agreed to go along, bringing her nephew with her. 

She was also in contact with the victim that same day, but the victim did not go to the rodeo. 

After the rodeo, the woman and her nephew agreed to meet Lopez Gutierrez at The Star for drinks. According to the woman's testimony, while the three were at the bar, Lopez Gutierrez told them that he kept a pistol in his car, and would show them when they left. He also allegedly showed them a blue pill that would "make them hallucinate and forget things," but the woman and her nephew declined. 

While at the bar, the woman contacted the victim and invited him to join the group. The woman said that Lopez Gutierrez and the victim did not speak, and the mood was tense. The woman even testified that it seemed like Lopez Gutierrez was jealous of the victim.

The woman testified that while she was on the dance floor, she saw Lopez Gutierrez punch the victim in the shoulder. Her and her nephew separated the two men, and eventually was able to get the victim to leave after he and Lopez Gutierrez exchanged words. 

The woman says a brief time later, her and her nephew told Lopez Gutierrez they should leave. In the parking lot, Lopez Gutierrez went to his vehicle and began looking for something in the back cargo area of his SUV. The woman's nephew testified that Lopez Gutierrez told him he was looking for his gun. 

At that time, a sedan pulled up a few spaces away from Lopez Gutierrez' vehicle in the parking lot. The sedan was being driven by the victim's nephew, who testified his uncle contacted him to pick him up from the bar, and that he thought people were trying to fight him. 

The victim's nephew, the woman, and her nephew all testified they saw the victim walking towards the sedan, now with his shirt off. Both the woman and her nephew told the driver of the sedan, the victim's nephew, to get him away from the scene.

The woman testified that the victim approached Lopez Gutierrez. When he was just a few feet away, Lopez Gutierrez turned around with the gun in his hand. Witnesses describe hearing as few as one and as many as three or four gunshots. 

The victim's nephew, the woman, and her nephew all observed the victim lying on the ground after the shots were fired, and he had been hit multiple times. All three observed Lopez Gutierrez fleeing the scene in his SUV. The victim's nephew tried to pursue Lopez Gutierrez, but couldn't locate him. Meanwhile the woman and her nephew ran to their own car and fled the scene. While driving east on I-90, they saw Lopez Gutierrez' SUV drive past them at approximately 75 mph near the Freya exit. They did not see where he went after that. 

Back at the scene, witnesses who were at the bar and in the surrounding neighborhood at the time of the shooting located the victim, lying on his back in the parking lot. Despite multiple people trying to render aid, the victim appeared dead. 

Spokane Police arrived on scene, and based on their training, multiple officers were able to determine that the man was dead. They began collecting evidence and taking witness statements at the scene. Three 9mm shell casings, among other evidence, were found at the scene. Major Crimes Detectives also responded to the scene to investigate. 

Meanwhile, officers were able to locate Lopez Gutierrez in his vehicle the area of 3000 E 30th, after a witness provided them with the license plate number on the vehicle. Lopez Gutierrez was detained and taken to the investigative office for SPD. 

Officers were also able to identify the woman and her nephew through Facebook when the victim's nephew provided showed officers their Facebook profiles. The woman and nephew were contacted and interviewed at the SPD investigative office. 

When officers began to question Lopez Gutierrez, he initially denied being at any bar that evening, but later admitted to being present at The Star. He also initially denied owning a gun, but then admitted he had one, saying he lied about not having it because he didn't have a concealed carry permit. 

Lopez Gutierrez told officers he remembered drinking at the rodeo earlier in the day and at The Star, but claimed he didn't remember what happened after that. He said the next thing that he remembered was being detained by police. 

Lopez Gutierrez told officers that he has memory problems, and believes stomach medication he takes is what causes them. He also told officers he hears voices and has schizophrenia.

Lopez Gutierrez was also found to be a previously deported criminal as an aggravated felon. "Ivan showed an immigration violation for being a deported felon issued 11/10/20," the court documents read. 

A search warrant of Lopez Gutierrez' SUV led to officers discovering a 9mm pistol in the cargo area. There was one bullet in the chamber and two more in the magazine. 

Probable cause was found to charge Ivan Lopez Gutierrez with 2nd Degree Murder. He was booked into the Spokane County Jail on August 2nd.