Jonathan Andersen Wandermere shooting arrest

SPOKANE, Wash. - We have new information about a story we've been closely investigating since Sunday afternoon.

Investigators say they've arrested the man who shot and killed a 38-year-old woman in her car on Wandermere Rd. But now the question they're working to answer is why?

Jonathan Andersen is being held on a more than $1 million bond in the Spokane County jail. New court documents shed light on the moments before and after the shooting.

According to court documents and witness reports to police, Misty Hirsch either met or ran into Jonathan Andersen at the north Spokane Lowe's, gave him a purse and apologized for taking it.

Court documents say that stolen purse belonged to Andersen's girlfriend. But for reasons that aren't clear, after the purse was returned, court documents say Andersen followed Misty Hirsch around and ultimately shot at her car.

According to court records, Andersen's passenger says as they drove away, Andersen was guessing he hit her in the arm. But the medical examiner says she was actually shot in the head and died almost immediately.

Records say that passenger waited more than 24 hours to call 911 and report the crime, but when she did, she told officers that Andersen had been living with her for a week and was dealing drugs out of her apartment.

Spokane Police officers went to the apartment and when Andersen left, they moved in, prompting a brief chase and finally an arrest.

The pursuit of Andersen passed a Spokane County deputy prosecutor's office on Jefferson. That prosecutor said he came outside and found a backpack lying in the road that hadn't been there before the chase.

That prosecutor turned the backpack over to police who have it now but are waiting on a search warrant to open it. Officers described it in court documents as "heavy."

Court documents also say investigators found a purse in the apartment where Andersen was staying, but it's unknown who it belongs to or what's in it.