Update, Jan. 2, 5:00 AM: 

Dozens of crews are continuing to work to get a derailed train out of the Kootenai River while also addressing a diesel spill into the river Thursday morning.

The train derailed east of Bonners Ferry, with the lead engine ending up in the Kootenai River with crew members still inside. Boundary County Sheriff's Marine rescue crews were able to reach the engine and safely retrieve the train operators, who were not injured.

The lead engine is currently leaking diesel fuel into the Kootenai River. Firefighters from around the county are working with BNSF responders to limit the spread of fuel with containment booms being placed in multiple spots across the river. Officials say it appears no other hazardous materials are leaking from train cars.

Crews tell KHQ the two people had to sit on top of the first car submerged in the river and wait to be rescued late Wednesday night. 

"Be aware that local roads in the area may be congested or intermittently closed as crews work to remove the engines," Idaho State Police said.

ISP says the roads Crossport Rd, Cow Creek Rd., and Ash St. can be affected with congestion as they work to remove the engines from the river.

Train derail Boundary County

Previous Coverage:

BONNERS FERRY, Idaho - Bonners Ferry Firefighters and other emergency first responders are still working to contain a BNSF train that derailed into the Kootenai River Later Wednesday night.

According to the Boundary County Sheriff's Office, the Burlington Northern Railroad called to say a train derailed and the front engine was in the Kootenai River. The Railroad also told the Sheriff's Office that a couple crew members were trapped inside the train.  Boundary County Sheriff’s deputies, marine deputies and reserves as well as Boundary County Search and Rescue, Boundary County Emergency Management, Boundary Ambulance, multiple fire agencies and Idaho State Police responded to the area of the scene, however, where the train had derailed was only able to be accessed by water.

Once the Sheriff’s Marine boat was able to access the scene, the crew members were able to be safely retrieved from the top of the train and were taken to get medical attention. 

The Sheriff's Department says precautions are being taken for any leakages caused by this derailment in the Kootenai River.


BNSF crews will be on scene later to remove the derailed train. 

BONNERS FERRY, Idaho - A BNSF freight train has partially derailed into the Kootenai River east of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, trapping the crew inside the locomotive engine.

According to Bonners Ferry Firefighters, the crew is alright and the train cars are upright in the water. No injuries have been reported.

Bonners Ferry Firefighters and Paradise Valley Firefighters are working on extricating the crew from the derailed cars. Divers and boats have been sent in, but crews say the area is very remote and is hard to get to. 

The Boundary County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to stay away from the area of Crossport Road and Katka Road to Toboggan Lane. 

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information becomes available. 

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