CRIME TRACKER: Inside The Drug Molly

KHQ.COM - Molly. It's a popular drug among the club scenes and college campuses. Young people are popping the pills to get high for musical events like concerts and raves. Both Molly and Ecstasy are officially known as MDMA.

It works by releasing large amounts of serotonin in the brain, which influences mood. Serotonin also triggers the release of hormones that play an important role in love, trust and sexual arousal. 

However, the surge in serotonin also depletes the brain of the important chemical, which can lead to confusion and depression in the days and weeks following the high. Molly is in the spotlight right now, but studies show the perception of use is much higher than the number of young people actually using it. 

Health educators say that's dangerous because the perception that "everyone is dong it" can lead more young people to try it. Another major concern involving the drug – which has a chemical make-up only one molecule away from methamphetamine, is users' idea, that molly can be used relatively safely. 

Two young users, in their early 20s, allowed the KHQ Crime Trackers into a Pullman apartment to talk about their experience getting high on Molly. They describe the high as a feeling of euphoria, but also recognize the drug is dangerous. They warn the tolerance for the drug rises quickly and that it's almost impossible to get high on Molly everyday without significantly increasing the intake.  Still, they say if users drink a lot of water, eat before hand and don't drink alcohol while they use, the risk is much lower.            

However, the Quad City Drug Task Force says there's no risk worth taking when it comes to Molly. Supervisor Brad Hudson and his drug task force cover 3 counties in Southeast Washington and 2 in Idaho. He warns the drug is dangerous and that it can often be cut with other drugs making it even more harmful. 

His team made its first Molly arrest in Pullman in 2010 and those arrests have doubled every year since then.

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