Crooks steal Spokane veteran's wheelchair lift off truck

A veteran lost his mobility after some crooks somehow unbolted and unhooked his wheelchair lift from his truck.

“If we go somewhere to see the grandkids, do something, or go to appointments, there's days walking is not an option for me,” he says.

The wheelchair lift carried his chair from place to place since he can’t walk that well. This theft happened just east of Shadle Park High School. All that’s left now on the back of his truck is the cords the lift plugged into, and a washer on the ground.

“I was sick to my stomach. How do you do that? How dare you? How do you take someone's freedom and liberty away?” says Linda Evey, David’s wife.

David is a veteran and has fought for our freedom. Now, he’s suffering from health issues, and it couldn’t be clearer whom these thieves were stealing from. There’s a wheelchair ramp outside his door and a handicapped tag on his car. 

“It's a low form of life that would steal something so necessary to just be able to function,” Linda says. “He just wants his lift back. We want that piece of equipment back.”

In the meantime, the Evey family still has their questions about how and why…

“I hope whoever took knew somebody needed it worse than me. That's all I can say,” David says.

The Eveys are asking that whoever took it to bring back the lift, no questions asked. If you know something, give Crime Check a call 509-456-2233.

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