Crunching the numbers on Spokane's Ice Ribbon

The Ice Ribbon in Riverfront Park has been open less than a month, but large crowds continue to strap on skates and hit the ice. But can they keep up the pace?

So far, the Ice Ribbon's director, John Moog, says things are going great. In the first 23 days that the Ice Ribbon has been open, Riverfront Park has already made more money than the Ice Palace brought in for all of 2016. That year, the Ice Palace sold 163 season passes. The Ice Ribbon has already sold more than 800. In 2016, 26,000 people paid to go to the Ice Palace. The Ice Ribbon has already matched that number.

Moog says they've been having a little trouble keeping up with the demand for ice skates, but that will probably get better once kids go back to school.

While opening a new venue is a learning experience, Moog says they're already adapting.

"We've had to adjust policies, our wristband system has changed five times... We've streamlined it in a way that it doesn't affect the customer experience," he said.

Moog says it could take a few years for the novelty of the Ice Ribbon to die down before they can get a sense of how successful it will be in the long run. For now, he says it's clear the Ice Ribbon is transforming downtown. More people are coming to downtown businesses, shopping and parking in the area, which is helping to boost the local economy.

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