Daddy-Daughter Dances canceled across the country due to "gender-neutral" policies

A Staten Island school postponed its planned daddy-daughter dance because some people complained it excludes other genders. The school says city policies are forcing them to scrap the tradition.

But some parents say being politically correct has gone too far. The school cites the New York City's Department of Education's gender-neutral policy. It was originally put in place a year ago, and requires school events to include all types of students and families.

The dance has been rescheduled for March and will be open to the entire school community.

The trend has not extended to the Spokane community. Spokane Public Schools had a daddy-daughter in January, and the Mead School District's is set to happen on Feb. 10.

KHQ has reached out to the Mead Education Foundation, the organization that is running Mead's dance. This is their response: 

"The Mead Education Foundation is a separate non-profit organization and is not affiliated with the Mead School District other than offering grants to Mead teachers for innovative solutions for their classrooms and their students.  The Daddy-Daughter "theme" is simply a naming convention.  We've had mom's bring daughters, as well as uncles, grandparents, friends of family and even dads and dads.  We welcome all, regardless of if they are a daddy or a daughter.  Also, we have been asked to have a mother-son event, which we will be hosting in April, but again, like this event, all would be welcome, even dads and sons. Ultimately, our funds help all teachers and students, regardless of gender.  We do host the events at Mead schools, as we do like to keep the funds within the district."

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