Dangerous tree leans near roadway

One leaning tree in Nine Mile Falls is so dangerous, that someone posted a sign on the tree, warning neighbors about it. It's located off of Charles Road by the Riverside Recreational Park.

Neighbors have took to Facebook writing quote, "It's big and leaning more and more with every wind storm." The sign really doesn't spell out how dangerous the tree really is based on its size and dense wood. We're talking hundreds of pounds of force per foot, even a glancing blow from the pine tree would crush a car and could even kill a person.

KHQ talked to the homeowner who lives near the tree. He says it's been a problem that he's trying to work on. He's not sure if the tree falls on his property. It's located in a tricky area.

A county spokeswoman says if the trees roots are on the owner's property, the owner is responsible and liable for whatever happens. The other side of this? If the roots are on the county right of way, it's the county's responsibility.

The county says next week, there is a bid to remove up to 30 trees in the county right of way and it's possible this tree could make it on the list if there's a determination of who's tree it is.

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