Dash cam video shows woman getting hit by driverless Uber in fatal crash

KHQ.COM - Police in Arizona released the video of the only driverless Uber fatal accident in the country. Just a warning, though... this video might be shocking and hard for some to watch.

The Tempe Police Department released the dash cam video from inside and outside the vehicle which was driving in autonomous mode. From the inside you can see the safety driver behind the wheel but the video shows the driver is highly distracted.

From the outside, the video shows the uber vehicle leading up to the collision however, it does not include the collision itself due to the graphic nature of the impact.  

Two experts say the pedestrian should have been within range of the SUV's laser and radar sensors. The analysis raises questions about whether the system works as described.

Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir has told the San Francisco Chronicle that the SUV likely wouldn't be found at fault. But two experts who viewed the video told The Associated Press that the SUV's sensors should have spotted the 49-year-old woman and her bicycle in time to brake. They said it appears there was enough time and distance to avoid the collision.

More of the details of this incident are being investigated.


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