DATELINE profiles missing Clarkston mother, Rachael Anderson

In a one hour DATELINE NBC special Friday night, the show profiles Rachael Anderson and the search to find her. Anderson went missing in April of 2010 after she had reported being stalked and getting strange phone calls where the callers voice was disguised. Investigators suspected her estranged husband, Charles Capone as being a part of her disappearance. After serving time on unrelated charges Capone was arrested for the murder of Anderson. His best friend David Stone was also arrested.

While both men were in custody, Stone decided to offer up information implicating Capone in Anderson's murder. In return Stone testified against Capone and his trial and received lesser charges. Stone told the court he witnessed Capone strangle Anderson to death at his auto body shop outside of Moscow Idaho. Stone also said he helped Capone dump Anderson's body in the Snake river. Stone also told jurors he never came forward with that information because he was fearful of his own life. In September of 2014 Capone was convicted of murdering Anderson despite her body never being found.

For more than a year DATELINE producers followed the case of Capone and Stone and made several trips to the Inland Northwest to cover the murder trial. In the one hour special tonight correspondent Dennis Murphy sits down with Charles Capone who tells his side of the story for the very first time. KHQ's Dylan Wohlenhaus sat down with Murphy to discuss the special.