Daycare employees caught twerking instead of working

Videos of daycare center workers twerking in front of children have sparked concern from parents in New Braunfels, Texas. A viewer told News 4 San Antonio that they saw the video on Snapchat. She said it was posted by an employee of the Prodigy Learning Center.

Parents tell News 4 San Antonio that one of the videos showed a girl twerking and then pulling down her pants and revealing her bottom. Two other videos showed up to three girls piling on top of each other and then attempting to bend over and dance. Crying children could be heard in the background of the videos.

The director of the facility would not comment on the matter, but she did release a statement on the facility’s Facebook page, which has since been removed.

“Prodigy does not condone the behavior those of you have seen. The state is being notified and those involved will no longer be employed,” the statement said.

News 4 San Antonio conducted an online search and found in the past two years the state has found four violations at the Prodigy Learning Center during routine inspections. The facility has self-reported two separate incidents, according to the online records.

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