Decades old nude run stirs new controversy

The Bare Buns Fun Run started in 1984 at a convention. Since then it’s become an annual event. KHQ did a story about this annual running event a quarter-century ago. In the time since the Bare Buns, Fun Run has become a worldwide event. With similar races taking place all over the world " from Scandinavia, England, and Italy," said Dave Smith.

But the original was born in Loon Lake and takes place on the last Sunday of July. This year's race is quickly approaching and bringing controversy with it. KHQ received this message on Facebook from a woman who could not believe the run is open to people as young five years old.

Dave and Kathy Smith sat on the fun run board for seventeen years and said they have never had a problem with age “Anyone with kids know that kids don't want to wear their clothes any of the time .and they are comfortable with it. it helps develop a positive self-image, positive body image." 

If people aren't comfortable, Smith says they have two options: don't come or wear clothes. Either way, Smith says they accept anyone for who they are "So we have a real variety of people from architects to attorney's to doctors ministers therapists that all take part."

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