Deer Park students spread kindness in response to Parkland shooting

Some local students are stepping up and trying to do something positive in response to the Parkland, Florida school shooting that killed 17 people.

At Deer Park Middle School, teachers and staffers gave the kids a challenge: 17 acts of kindness, honoring the 17 victims.

One of the ways that students are showing kindness is by writing kind words on sticky notes and plastering them all over the school walls. "We are just here to make everybody feel loved," said Brooklyn Dryden, a seventh grade student at Deer Park Middle School.

It's a simple message but one that can make the biggest difference. "We are just here to spread kindness because there's a lot of unsafe things happening at schools," said Dryden.

Dryden wanted to help in some way after she heard about the shooting in Parkland, Florida. "Everything is happening in such a wrong way at schools, where things should be safe and kids should be learning instead of having to worry about things like shootings," she said. That's why she's helping to spread a positive message. "We decided that if we spread kindness, things won't happen as much and everyone will be kinder to one another," said Dryden.

It's not just sticky notes. Inside one of the classrooms, students picked out rocks and decorated them with their own messages. Teachers say the rocks will be a permanent fixture of kindness at school. "It's been really moving. A lot of this came from students coming to us saying we want to do something," said Katie Tucker, a Deer Park Middle School Teacher.

"It makes me feel happy because some people don't get as much love as other people do and when they do, it makes them happy and that makes me happy too," said Dryden.

Dryden says the notes will stay up as long as students keep them there but it's totally fine if they take them home and keep them too, so they know they are loved.

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