Spokane Valley 20-year-old arrested with meth in coat says he was borrowing it

A Spokane Valley deputy investigating a report of a possible burglary found himself arresting the 'victim' who reported he had been burglarized. The deputy learned that the man had actually burglarized a neighboring apartment and was trying to report the items he stole as stolen after the true victim took some of the property back.

On Sunday around 1 p.m., Deputy Jason Petrini responded to a reported theft at an apartment complex in the 11900 block of E. Main in Spokane Valley.

The initial caller, identified as 46-year-old Jason M. Tschanz, stated he purchased some property from his neighbor before that neighbor went to jail. He explained that his neighbor's girlfriend came over to his apartment and took some of the property he had previously purchased.

When the deputy arrived he talked to the neighbor Tschanz accused of theft. She said Tschanz tried to break into their apartment a couple of weeks ago but was caught by her boyfriend who has been in jail for the last few days. She explained she left the apartment earlier and when she returned a few hours later, she noticed several times were missing including a TV, Xbox and games. She immediately suspected Tschanz and went to his apartment.

Tschanz wasn’t home but his daughter answered the door.  She confirmed Tschanz brought a TV and Xbox home earlier that morning.  The victim was only able to retrieve her TV at that time. 

When Deputy Petrini contacted Tschanz, Tschanz said he purchased the TV, Xbox and other items from his neighbor for $100.  He said he'd already sold the Xbox to “David” for $25. 

Deputy Petrini made a call to Geiger Corrections Center to confirm with the neighbor he sold the items to Tschanz, which he adamantly denied.  He also told Deputy Petrini about catching Tschanz breaking into his apartment and reiterated Tschanz did not have permission to enter his residence or have any of his property.

After further investigation and additional questioning, Tschanz admitted he stole the property.  The Xbox, games and connection wiring were recovered from Tschanz’s apartment after he was arrested. 

Tschanz was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Residential Burglary, Theft 3rd Degree and Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree.  Later that day, he was released on his own recognizance after his court appearance.         

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