Deputy surprises pregnant girlfriend of murdered Coulee City teen

It’s been nearly a month since 17 year old Shane Wachter was killed in Coulee City.

His twin brother Shawn is in jail right now facing murder charges.    

Shawn says it was an accident. 

 Shane leaves behind his girlfriend, Haylee Hayduk, who is 7-months pregnant.    

Tonight’s Hometown Hero is Deputy Katrina Briggs who responded to the scene the night of the murder.

“Honestly, I had a difficult time handling it,” Briggs said. “But that was the main reason I wanted to help.”

Sheriff’s deputy Katrina Briggs was the responding officer the night that Shane Wachter was killed, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind.

“Here’s this 19 year old girl who’s going to be raising this baby by herself when she planned on having a family, and it all got taken away,” said Briggs.

So with Haylee on her mind, Deputy Briggs got to work, doing what she could to try and help this expectant mother.

It started with a simple email to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

But it took off from there- donations pouring in not only from other deputy's but from the 9-1-1 call center, all donating to Haylee and her baby. 

On Thursday, Haylee thought she was coming in for a follow up interview, but Deputy Briggs had a bit of a surprise.

“Haylee... I know this is going to sound super crazy but... after I was with you on that call I thought a lot about you... so I reached out to our department and everyone came together and donated this stuff for you and baby Violet,” Briggs said.

While never taking away the pain that she lost that day, this just a little something to help her and baby Violet out.

“Thank you... it means a lot,” Haylee said. “I knew it would be special for my daughter... it takes a special kind of people to pull this together.”

To Haylee, we would like to wish her the best going forward on getting to welcome baby Violet to the world.

And to Deputy Briggs, we would like to say a special thanks for putting those in need first.

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