Diamond Lake family devastated after dog found shot to death

A couple is heartbroken after they found their 14-year-old Blue Heeler shot to death and wrapped in a garbage bag. They fear the killer will hurt more animals in their community.

The couple asked not to be identified. They said their dog Bandit ran away Sunday evening. They spent hours searching for him and putting up posters. A neighbor made the gruesome discovery and called them. They rushed to the scene.

"Looking from the window of the truck, you could see that the bag was somewhat open, you could see his head and his fur," the owner said.

The couple said Bandit was next to a tree. They saw at least two bullet wounds.

"It was like someone had taken him out right next to our house and put him a trash bag," they said. "There were multiple bullets in him, there wasn't just one like maybe they were trying to scare him away."

The couple doesn't want revenge against the killer. They just hope whoever did this knows how much they're hurting.

"He took a piece of our heart," they said.

The couple said some of their neighbors have been victims of similar vicious activity. They said one neighbor had a pup poisoned, another said their dog was also shot at.

They did call the Pend Oreille County Sheriff's Office. If you have any information, please give their office a call. 

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