Disco lights tip officer off to illegal smoke session

The 70’s made a brief comeback in Moses Lake Thursday night.

While on patrol, an officer noticed an occupied van in an empty church parking lot on Rose Avenue. There were no activities going on at the church that evening, so the van immediately caught the officer’s attention.

What really drew him in though, and 'took him back to his youth,' was the disco ball rotating inside the van. As the doors of the van opened, Moses Lake Police say the officer was enveloped in 'a Cheech and Chong size marijuana smoke cloud.'

Once the smoke cleared, the officer found four people, three of whom were under age, inside the van. Also inside the van was marijuana and drug paraphernalia, the disco ball and some snacks.

The van was impounded pending a search warrant. The four were released, and charges are expected to be filed after the search warrant is served.

Moses Lake Police want to remind everyone that while marijuana is legal, it is illegal for those under age 21 to consume. And, generally, flashing disco lights in an empty parking lot are a really good way to make sure the cops don’t drive past your illegal activity.

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