DNR says they'll work with residents leaving Medical Lake campground

We have new information about a story that KHQ reported Wednesday night. More than two dozen people were told they need to pack up and get out of their homes in a West Medical Lake RV park.

The land is owned by the Department of Natural Resources, and the property manager told KHQ that he started the lease re-signing process too late.

The end result is that the lease was not renewed, and everyone who lived there, some for multiple years, had until Saturday, July 14 to leave.

Brad Strength, who's lived at the West Medical Lake Resort for several months said that, "somebody needs to be held accountable for this. You know, we just have to get up and pack up and leave? It doesn't work that way. It's your home, how can you pack up and go?"

We talked with DNR on Thursday and they told us if the people who have been asked to leave give them a call, they'll try to work something out. The person we talked to at DNR said at the very least they won't have to leave by Saturday, and DNR will help connect them to resources to help with the move.

But they can't help if you don't call: 509-684-7474.