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SPOKANE, Wash. - Whether it's because you've been on vacation, are lazy, or simply forgot that it's been snowing for a week, it may be time to stop straggling and start shoveling.

"So, a snow plow comes down the road and decides that 'well that might just be a snowbank' and goes into it," said Mechanics Pride Manager, Tony Lott. "People could get hurt really easily."

While it's possible that a plow could ram into your snow-covered car, Lott says it's more likely that owners will find other kinds of damage once they do manage to seize their vehicles from the snow. 

"The battery can't take the cold especially when it dips down to single-digits or below," said Lott. "And then it's been sitting in snow and it kills the battery."

And sometimes, Lott says that battery is beyond saving.

"And it's been single-digits and lower overnight, the battery is probably dead," said Lott.

And that's not all.

Lott says ice on your rotors or brake pads can make the braking system less responsive, meaning your car will have more trouble stopping. 

Lott also says chemicals used in deicer, kicked up by plows, can cause your headlights to become foggy.

"Everybody has seen those cars going down the road and they're those yellow headlights," said Lott. "That's what that's from."

Lastly, Lott says if you can't muster up enough energy to move your car, at least let it know you didn't forget about it while buried under all that snow.

"Start it even if you can't get it out," said Lott. "Let it sit there and run for 10 to 15 minutes. Let it run while you're shoveling around it or whatever just to keep the car alive."

According to the City of Spokane, vehicles parked on a public street can only stay in the same spot for 24 continuous hours. After that, the owner could get a ticket.

But the city says they likely won't enforce that rule because of the winter conditions.

They're are however, asking you at least help out the plow drivers and clear the snow off your car.

KHQ Local News Reporter

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