SPOKANE, Wash. - Have you heard of dogs getting professional massages? It's a growing business in Spokane, and there are some signs to look for if your pet is in need of extra attention.

Meet 10-year-old Amy, she's a white fluffy double merle, and she's had a rough year. Amy's been getting older, is blind and deaf, but she's hanging in there. Amy's parents thought she had a stroke recently, and they were facing the tough decision of putting her through expensive procedures, more treatments, and didn't know where to turn.
Then, along came Pam and Peaceful Paws Massage.
“It is the same as people massage, it is amazing how similar we are,” Pam Duckmanton, massage business owner, said.
When Pam walks in a room, Amy knows it's time for her weekly appointment. The dog lays down, and Pam gets to work. She massages Amy’s legs, neck, back, then stretches her out, and does some specialty work.
"People are like, 'oh I massage my dog,' but it's not the same thing. It's more than petting, it has a lot to do with the speed you go, and pressure you put on," Duckmanton said.
Pam is one of several dog massage business owners in Spokane. Getting certified takes time and practice because many of the dogs are older. Pam said people usually come forward when their animals are in pain, struggling to walk, get up from the ground, or are young and athletic, but have pulled a muscle.
Pam said just like people, after a massage, even dogs start to feel better.

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