Doorbell cam helps Spokane police make arrest

A hidden camera helped police catch a porch prowler who made herself at home Sunday night.

Spokane police arrested a woman Sunday night at a home a few blocks south of Division and Garland after responding to a homeowner’s 911 call.

The woman was caught on the homeowners’ doorbell camera while trespassing on the front porch, prompting the homeowners to call police.

The homeowners posted several clips of the security footage to Facebook Monday morning, along with still photos taken from the footage.

The video shows the woman approach the door, attempt to open it several times, and then sit down on the porch furniture. Later, a man comes up to the woman and after they talk, an exchange takes place. The man hands the woman what appears to be money, and then the woman hands him something from her backpack. The man then leaves.

The last clip shows police arriving to arrest the woman, who they already had a warrant for. It is not currently known what she was arrested for.  

Home security systems like these doorbell cameras have become much more affordable recently. Basic doorbell cameras typically run from $100-$180, while more advanced models that are sleeker, offer more features, or take higher quality video go for $250 or more.

KHQ’s Hayley Guenther told you how to best position these cameras last November.

A spokesman for police said these cameras are beneficial because they are helpful in assisting with investigations, due to their ability to provide time stamps and help identify suspects.

Attorneys we spoke with Monday said that home security footage could potentially be used as evidence in court, provided that the video can be authenticated. Audio recording is a bit trickier due to Washington State law RCW 9.73.030, which prohibits the recording of private conversations without the consent of both parties, but as mentioned above, even video can help expedite an investigation.

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