Dr. Bob Lutz 4-13-20

On Wednesday Dr. Lutz expressed disappointment and frustration with all of the residents living in Spokane county.

He said the numbers show that many people are no longer taking COVID-19 seriously, and even worse, the people who get it aren't helping the county team assigned to protect the community

Dr. Lutz joked that when people see the health district's phone number they don't even pick up any more. He went on to say that contact tracers are being hung up on consistently.

The Health Department recognizes this as a big problem because Spokane is seeing more community transmission than ever before, which means that as Spokane county needs the most help tracing COVID cases they're getting the least.

The big question is why are people becoming complacent with COVID. One possible answer may be fatigue.

According to New Hampshire's public health district, which published a report about fatigue, they're seeing that people don't want to give out their contacts in order to keep their friends and family from having to quarantine.

The idea is that if the health district doesn't know you were exposed to COVID you're in the clear.

Dr. Lutz wants to remind you that you're not a snitch if you're honest with contact tracers. If you're dishonest, or simply hang up on them, you could be contributing to all the little outbreaks in the community.

Dr. Lutz advises residents to make some modifications that increase safety and decrease transmission.

He told KHQ Wednesday that he and his team are actively going through data points to figure out where the hotspots are in the community.

He said the particular sectors where he's seeing cases go up are K-12 education, higher education, long term care facilities, health care and retail.

Dr. Lutz says at this point it's "more than likely that restrictions will tighten across the board."

This includes the possibility of school being taught remotely through the remainder of the year. 

Dr. Lutz finished by saying that there's time to turn this around if we continue to wear masks, wash your hands and practice social distancing.