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SPOKANE, Wash - Spokane Police said there have been 26 shootings in 2021, 7 have been classified as a drive-by-shooting. However, officers think there are more based on circumstances and factors involved, including uncooperative victims and witnesses, or lack of a vehicle used in the commission of the crime.  

The most recent shooting was Saturday night after 11 p.m. Officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 1700 block of E. 34th Avenue. Five shell casings were located in the middle of the street.

No victims were located. SPD was unable to locate any witnesses but have identified several video cameras in the neighborhood they hope will help in the investigation.

Spokane Police said there are similarities in many but not all of the shootings, they include: 

  • they appear to be gang related
  • many of those involved are believed to be juveniles
  • neither witnesses or victims are forthcoming with information
  • a number of the shootings are happening in specific pockets of Spokane.

SPD Major Crimes and the Safe Street Task Force (consisting of SPD, SCSO, FBI, and Washington State DOC) are working collaboratively on the shootings, leveraging all resources to solve these cases. 

SPD said it has increased patrol efforts to affect crime before it happens in areas where drive-by shootings have been common.

Additionally, SPD has outreached with community partners, parents, and teachers to educate young people about the dangers of gang association and to proactively identify and help young people at risk of gang involvement 

If you have any knowledge of a shooting that may help solve and stop such crimes to make the community safer for all, you are urged to contact Crime Check at 456-2233.

You can also submit a tip anonymously through the Safe Street Task Force website .