SPOKANE, Wash. - On Thursday, East Valley High School Teacher Benjamin Hill was arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault after allegedly shooting at his ex-wife’s car.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Division early Thursday morning, as the victim was heading to work. She was driving on Division when she heard a loud “pop” and later found a bullet lodged in the side of her car.

According to court documents, multiple eyewitnesses say they heard two shots, and saw a heavyset man wearing a hoodie and blue latex gloves get into a Subaru. Police say, security footage provided to them corroborate those reports. Additionally, the East Valley High School Resource Deputy confirmed Hill has driven a Subaru to school in the past.

Officers found the Subaru at Hill’s home, and searched it to find three guns, a black jacket and blue latex gloves. One of the guns found in the car matched the caliber of bullet casings found at the scene.

Court documents state that Hill’s ex-wife has been the victim of several cases of shootings and property damage over the past year, both reported to police and unreported. She believes these cases were all committed by Hill.

Over the past year, the victim claims her house was shot at and had five flat tires. Her tires were never slashed, rather, someone had put a pebble on the valve stem and put the cap back on, slowly releasing the air pressure.

The victim, who has three kids with Hill and had been married to him for 20 years before their divorce last May, had the court read a prepared statement on Friday during Hill’s first appearance.

“I am worried for my safety, my children’s safety and how all of this is going to affect them. I am worried he will come back and finish what he started. He has traumatized me for the last year and a half. He is a master manipulator and I am afraid he is going to manipulate my daughters. His behavior is escalating and I do not trust that he won’t come after us and hurt my kids. I do not want to keep having to look over my shoulder because of him,” the statement said. “Not having to look over my shoulder last night, and knowing the person who has been traumatizing me for the last year was put away actually made it so I was able to sleep.”

At his court appearance, Hill’s bail was set at $100,000 and he had an arraignment hearing set for May 31. He also received a no-contact order and an order to surrender any weapons he owns.

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