Ramba the elephant had a tough start to life. She spent 14 years in a circus, where, according to local media, she was mistreated.

Luckily for Ramba, she was rescued and spent the past several years in a Chilean zoo.

But, on Tuesday Ramba began what will likely be the biggest journey of her life when she was loaded into a transportation pen and began the trek to her new home in an elephant sanctuary in Brazil.

From the zoo in Racangua, Chile, Ramba was taken to Santiago's international airport where she was awaiting her airplane to arrive Tuesday night.

After her flight to Sao Paulo, Ramba will be loaded into another truck and be taken to an elephant sanctuary in Chapada dos Guimaraes, Brazil.

Ramba's entire journey is expected to take some 36 hours from start to finish, a tiring journey for anyone, let alone a several-ton pachyderm.