Camp Hope tents

SPOKANE, Wash. - Emotions are running high in front of Spokane City Hall as time appears to be running out for those who have called this place home for the last few weeks.

On Saturday, everyone staying at the tent city called "Camp Hope" will be forced to leave.

On Friday, the people were protesting the upcoming eviction saying that even with warming shelters opening up, kicking them out isn't the answer.

Jamie Williams, who's been sleeping at "Camp Hope" since last week, says he'll move, but like some of the others, he'll probably come right back.

Others say they'll pack up in fear of losing everything they have.

The city says they're prepared to evict everyone who is at the camp and remove all of their property Saturday. Police will also be equipped to deal with anyone who resists.

Williams said he just hopes something can be done.

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