ER physician helps rescue Spokane man in Hayden Lake plane crash

According to the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, 75-Year-old Terry Holman from Spokane was trying to land in Hayden Lake when he crashed into the water below. He is doing OK Monday, but might have not fared so well if it hadn't been for some quick acting witnesses. 

Physician Mike Ettner tells KHQ's Liz Burch he was at his home when he heard a loud boom. He rushed outside where he saw a plane crashed in Hayden Lake. He jumped in his boat and drove out to help. 

"My neighbor called 911 and I got in my boat," he remembered. 

As an ER physician at Kootenai Health for more than 20 years, he's used to saving lives, but responding to a scene was still shocking. 

"He had blood all over his face," Ettner said. "I was anxious initially and scared."

When he got there, he saw that Holman was clearly injured. He looked him over and then took him to safety. 

"The people who were with him got him on my boat, and I took him to where the paramedics were waiting," Ettner said. 

The Sheriff's Office says their preliminary investigation shows his dry landing gear was trying to land, which caused his plane to flip. They say Holman's injuries are not life threatening.