2 escaped inmates captured in Washington state

Update: Authorities say two inmates who escaped from a minimum-security prison in Washington state have been captured without incident.


Washington Department of Corrections spokesman Jeremy Barclay said Sunday that 30-year-old Richard Harvell and 26-year-old Sage Bear were arrested about 6 miles away from Cedar Creek Corrections Center in a rugged forest.


Officials say the pair scaled a 10- to 12-foot (3- to 3.66-meter) razor-wire fence to flee Saturday night, and they will be treated for minor injuries they received during the escape.


Barclay says he has no other details about the escape or capture. He says corrections officials will investigate and question the two, then present the review to prosecutors for possible charges.

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Authorities are searching for two inmates who escaped from a minimum-security prison southwest of Olympia.


The Washington Department of Corrections says one of the inmates, 30-year-old Richard Harvell, was serving a 3½-year sentence for unlawful possession of a firearm, and the other, 26-year-old Sage Bear, was doing nearly 11 years for manslaughter.


The pair were discovered missing from the Cedar Creek Corrections Center at about 10 p.m. Saturday, about 20 minutes after they escaped. Corrections officials did not immediately say how they escaped.


Bear, who was convicted in King County, had been serving his manslaughter sentence since early 2009. His anticipated release date had been in July 2018.


Harvell, who was convicted in Snohomish County, began serving his sentence in March. His tentative release date was in March 2019.


Both have tattoos above their left eyebrows.

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