EXCLUSIVE: Local Woman Finds Her Father After Searching For 40+ Years


Loren Ray Standley's son, Howard Standley, wanted to make sure it was known that his father was not married at the time he was in Vietnam dating Thu. His father had been married previously with 2 children, but was divorced at the time.

SPOKANE, Wash. - Cynthia Phan has been wondering about and searching for her father since she can remember. Cynthia was born in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Her mother was Vietnamese and employed at a U.S. army base near Qui Nhon and that's where she met and started dating Cynthia's father.

Cynthia's mother, Thu, soon became pregnant and shortly after, Cynthia's father had to return to the U.S. Because of the language barrier, it was hard for them to communicate. When Cynthia's father returned to the U.S., all he left was a photo of himself with a love note on the back saying he would return. The love note read:


I love you and miss you so very much. I will be back about 18th of March, 1971.

Will you miss me? I will miss you. I am taking your pictures with me.

I send you a kiss.

Love you very very much,


Unfortunately, Cynthia's mother never had the chance to wait and see if "Standley" would return to Vietnam. Qui Nhon became an unsafe place to live and their family was displaced from their home by the communists. Even if "Standley" had returned, he would have had no way to find Thu and his newly born child.

Cynthia grew up keeping the only photo she had of her father very close to her heart, dreaming that someday, she would find her father. She didn't know his full name, only that he had signed the note as "Standley." After doing an interview on KHQ.com in August, people began reaching out to her who had the resources to help her in her search.

On November 22, 2013, Cynthia received word after taking a DNA test, that her family had been located!

Her father passed away on November 16, 2007. However, Cynthia now knows his full name, "Loren Ray Standley," and his birthday, January 18, 1950.

Not only does she know the identity of her father, she also has many new found siblings. Her father had 10 other children and Cynthia has been in constant contact with them since she found them. They have given her photos that her dad kept from the time he spent with her mother in Vietnam and have shared many memories as well.

One of the biggest things that has warmed Cynthia's heart the most, is that her siblings knew about her. Her father had told everyone that he had a child in Vietnam and several years before he passed away, he too started looking for her.

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