SPOKANE, Wash. - Waking up to three men trying to break into her home isn't the way Hannah Mendez thought she'd be spending her birthday, but that's exactly what she woke up to Thursday morning.

Mendez says she got an alert from her security system that someone was at her back door.

"We get wildlife out here," Mendez said. "So I thought it was just turkeys."

It wasn't turkeys this time. She says when she checked, she counted three men trying to break into her home. At that point, Mendez says her first thought was for her kids.

"We keep a machete by our bed," Mendez said. "So I stood there waiting for them to come in."

While Mendez waited, her husband called 911. She says they fearfully waiting minute after minute for police to arrive, but they never did. The would-be intruders eventually left, and Mendez believes it was because of that 911 call. "(My husband) yelled over to me, 'how old do they look?', and I think they got startled and left."

KHQ spoke to the Spokane Police Department about the call. Sgt. Terry Preuninger said officers showed up and searched the area, but didn't find anything. Officers returned to the home after Mendez called to say she had video of the burglars.