Exclusive: Woman details text exchange with accused killer Donavan Gibson

"Holy cow! That's scary, and I am glad I didn't meet up with him," said Kat.

Those were the first thoughts that ran through Kat's head when she made the connection this morning between the man she saw on KHQ's coverage of the shooting and the man she'd been messaging on whisper "I had seen his picture and that was the same person," said Kat.

We are calling this woman "Kat" to protect her identity. Kat shared exclusively with KHQ what was said in the messages and how their conversation got started "I asked him wow how did you find this post from forever ago and he said he had searched the word lonely," added Kat.

As they texted back and forth, it didn't take long for Donavan to bring up his anger at his ex and her new boyfriend who would soon be his alleged victims "My wife just left me and is with a dude and already moved him in." and later saying the split really quote "fu***d him up."

Donavan goes on to complain how his break-up had left him with no friends in a new town, right before Thanksgiving. Having come to Spokane from Nashville "I had asked him if he's planning on going home since he was getting a divorce and was alone out here and he said no that he had to work on himself," explained Kat.

Gibson reached out to kat one more time Tuesday morning the day of the shooting - but she wasn't feeling well "I sent him a puke face and he said what's wrong? That was yesterday morning."  And you just didn't respond? "Yeah,"  said Kat.