Family credits sunglasses with saving home from Okanogan Complex Fire

A family in Riverside, Wash. is crediting a pair of sunglasses for saving their home from being overtaken by the Okanogan Complex wildfire.

The Zimmermans started building their dream home in Riverside back in April. This week they were part of an evacuation from Riverside because of the wildfires. But one of the contractors working on the new home left behind a pair of expensive sunglasses. The sunglasses were a gift from his girlfriend and he wanted them back.

The Zimmermans took him back to their home to get the glasses, and when they arrived they found their garage on fire. They were able to quickly put that out, and then roofers stayed behind to keep embers from lighting the home up.

Cindy Zimmerman told KHQ she feels blessed and it just goes to show how the little things, like a pair of sunglasses, can make all the difference. 

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