Family of Bonners Ferry woman killed In domestic violence situation creates letter campaign

When we look at a mirror, we see a true picture of who we are on the outside: our hair, our face, our eyes.

But it doesn't show emotion and what's on the inside, how we feel. The same way we look at old photos.

"It's my favorite picture of us, I can feel her cheeks next to mine when I look at this," Shauna Kennedy-Carr said.

For Shauna, old phots are all she has left of her sister, Jesseka Musson.

Jesseka was a mom, a sister, an aunt.

Shauna says her sister wasn't perfect, but she was turning her life around.

"It seemed to us that she was on a path that was good and she was creating a good life for herself and they had custody of Eric's daughter and she seemed really happy in that little community," she said.

On May 1st, 2017, Jesseka Musson was killed by the hands of her fiance, Eric Dante, at their home in Bonners Ferry.

Court documents say Dante shot Musson in the head.

"Unfortunately I had to tell my mom over the telephone that her daughter was killed. Our lives haven't been the same since then," Shauna said.

Dante was charged with first degree murder and held on a one million dollar bond, a crime punishable with life in prison without parole.

But we fast-forward.

Court documents obtained by KHQ show that in December 2017, Dante entered a guilty plea.

In the plea agreement, the charge was reduced to second-degree murder.

Documents say he'll serve a five year fixed sentence and an open indeterminate additional sentence.

After five years, Dante could be eligible for parole.

"It feels like a slap in the face to us and any other person who's been killed by someone that supposedly loves them," Kennedy-Carr said.

To make sure Jesseka's candle continues to burn bright; Shauna created "Stop The Silence", a domestic violence awareness group that partners with local organizations.

The silence stops, Shauna says, when people voice their concerns.

"we've sent out hundreds of letters in purple envelopes with a picture of my sister and we're sending them to the judge, prosecutor and the attorney general of Idaho," she said.

It's a simple message.

"A sentence of 5 years for brutually shooting Jesseka in the face and trying to say it was self-defense is a gross injustice of the ninth degree," Shauna read from one of the letters.

One that Kennedy-Carr and many other families across the Inland Northwest understand.

Shauna says they've received dozens of letters demonstrating their outrage.

"I hope you will give this case more consideration and grant Eric Dante that fits murder on March 8th, 2018," she continued to read.

Shauna knows she cannot bring her sister back, but one voice, one letter at a time is what she hopes can shine a light on a problem many have seen countless times.

"Had we known, this wouldn't have happened," Kennedy-Carr said, "she would've been here, at my home."

Eric Dante will be sentenced March 8th, 2018, in Bonners Ferry.

"Stop The Silence" has organized a few events leading up to the sentence.

A letter writing will be held February 16th from 4pm-6pm at the University of Idaho Extension Annex Building in Bonners Ferry.

A Justice for Jesseka Rally will be held at the Boundary County Fairgrounds March 3rd, 2018, at 11am.

You can still write letters leading up to the sentencing, the best way to send them is by visiting the "Stop The Silence" Facebook page or email them to

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