FBI Releases Details Of Samantha Koenig's Abduction & Murder

The FBI launched a new website Monday, full of information about serial killer Israel Keyes, his ties to Washington, Oregon and Alaska, and potential homicides he may be behind.

Right now, the FBI believes he's responsible for 11 murders – but the body count may be even higher, and several of the murder victims have yet to be identified or found. 

The new website includes an hour-long interview Keyes gave investigators in May 2012 before killing himself in an Alaska jail cell in December, along with audio recordings, a slide show of pictures, and an interactive timeline showing where Keyes may have been and on what dates.

"The Israel Keyes investigation is a little frustrating in that we have a subject who is dead so we can't get any further information from him, and it's also frustrating because he hinted at a lot of crimes, a lot of homicides but didn't give us a lot of details to go on," FBI spokesperson Ayn Dietrich told KHQ's Kelsey Watts.

Keyes lived in Stevens County for a number of years, and his small funeral service was held in Deer Park on December 9, 2012.

He lived in Washington between 2001 and 2007, before moving to Alaska.  The FBI believes he would look for his murder victims in remote areas like campgrounds, trailheads and parks.  Keyes told investigators he killed five people in Washington during that time, and those victims have still not been identified.

He also indicated he killed a woman described as having pale skin, a wealthy grandmother and who may have been driving an older car at the time.  He indicated he did something to the body or moved it to a place so that if it were found, it would appear the death was accidental.

"We have information he may have been in western Washington, we have a claim he made about a body he might have dumped into a lake near Port Angeles," Dietrich added.  "But there's the possibility he traveled through other parts of the state or nation."

The FBI is hoping you'll browse this site and call your local FBI office with any piece of information you may have that can help; no matter how small, it may be the key the FBI needs to unlock this gruesome puzzle.


To Visit The Website, Click here: http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2013/august/new-information-released-in-serial-killer-case/new-information-released-in-serial-killer-case

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