An FDA advisory committee is recommending that the agency approve a peanut allergy treatment, the first of its kind.

The vote came after a panel of health experts listened to data about the safety and effectiveness of the drug Palforzia.

The pill would be for those between the ages of four and 17 and would expose them to increasing doses of peanut protein.

During the trial, 67-percent were able to eat about two peanuts... with no allergic reaction.

"Certainly, much of the burden of having a food allergy comes from the psycho-social impact of this disease," Dr. Pamela Guerrerio, Chief of theFood Allergy Research Unit said. "Several studies have shown that quality of life of children with food allergy is more significantly impacted than in children who have rheumatological disease or type I diabetes. In part, because this disease affects every aspect of their daily lives."

The FDA isn't required to follow the advise of its expert panels but it normally does.

If approved, it would be the first FDA medication to treat peanut allergy.