Female pit bull euthanized while she was delivering her puppies

KHQ.COM - A volunteer at an animal shelter in Texas has sparked public outrage after sharing an incident she on Facebook that's now gone viral.

Dacia Anderson, a volunteer at Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare, says that while a female pit bull was in labor and delivering her puppies, she, and subsequently her puppies, were euthanized. Anderson says the incident happened early last month.

Anderson said she went into the pit bull's kennel to photograph her and noted there were bands to indicate she was an owner surrender, but nothing to indicate she was an aggressive dog. For this reasons she sees no reason the dog should have been put down.

The director of the shelter, Richard Havens, said they had received a call that the animal was vicious.

Anderson says she later discovered the pit bull had already given birth to one puppy at the time she was euthanized.

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