Ferry County man says wife's trip to nail salon ended with infection

After seeing our story online about how more than 100 nail salons in Washington failed safety or sanitation inspections one man realized this could be his wife's problem when she started telling him about how her fingers hurt after a trip to the nail salon.

He described her cuticles as red and puffy. He thought they were starting to look infected and when she said the pain was radiating through her fingers he was concerned she might have blood poisoning or a bacterial infection. They took a trip to the Deer Park Urgent Care last night where they diagnosed her with an infection and prescribed her a sulfa drug to help fight it.

The swelling did improve today and Dirk Christianson says he's glad they got it checked out before it got worse. He says he hopes others will be aware of the fact that in these salons people should see the nail techs pulling the instruments out of sterilized bags.