Fight back fashion: Gadgets to keep you protected if you run into trouble

After a woman was attacked on the Centennial Trail last week, we thought we'd revive this story KHQ's Stephanie Vigil did last Spring to give you an idea on how to stay safe while you're out enjoying the outdoors! 

Original Story from May 23, 2016

It's the time of year when most of us head outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather, but do you have a plan in place if you encounter danger on your trail?

Being the target of an attack is a subject most of us would like to avoid, but in this day and age, preparation is your best defense.

Jennifer Cutrona was assaulted on her favorite jogging trail.

"Before that incident I felt that would never happen to me, and I didn’t want to talk about the potential danger." she said. "He was crouched down in a bush and jumped out and tried to grab my arm."

She escaped his grasp, but didn't shrug off the incident.

"This did not deter me in the slightest. I put something in my bra and I felt my shoulders go back a little bit."

Cutrona is the creator of the Booby Trap Bra. It's a bra designed to hold a weapon in case you encounter danger.

"If you’re wrapped up from behind it’s still accessible to you. If you are pushed down and you go to catch yourself you are still accessible to it," says Sgt. Sean Kendall.

We put the Booby Trap Bra to the test. Inviting Sgt. Kendall and Kathy Armstrong with the Spokane Police Department to help us out.

"When it comes to your life or someone else's life and you have to protect yourself, the rules are kind of out the window at this point," Sgt. Kendall says.

He says there are things you can do to protect yourself that could be as easy as how you carry yourself.

"Walking tall, confident, eye contact, and maybe even acknowledgment as you move around your world .. and do that from distance."

Sgt. Kendall teaches classes to the public and stresses to go with your gut. Your instincts are powerful. Don't ignore them.

"If you see a potential problem ahead, then it's probably time to turn around and go the other way," he says.

Armstrong runs the numbers on crime for the Spokane Police Department. She knows assaults and rapes are high in our area.

"With Spokane being a bigger city we do have higher rates of crime," she says.

She and Sgt. Kendall played out a scenario that may happen on a trail. Kathy was wearing the Booby Trap Bra.

"It's very comfortable and well made," she said. Her weapon of choice was pepper spray. "I actually thought it was very helpful to get to. When you are working out, there's only so much you can carry in your hands."

Whether it's the Booby Trap Bra or not, it's always smart to plan and prepare. We all want to work out without interruption,

"It's not being paranoid, it's being smart."

A few more tips to consider:

  • Don't shut yourself off to the world with earphones. Consider putting only one in your ear.
  • Remember there is strength in numbers. Exercise with a partner or group if you can.

If you'd like to take a course with Sgt. Kendall, click here:

To see crime in your area, click here:

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