Finally, indisputable proof: Bigfoot spotted in northern California

There is new, indisputable proof that Bigfoot exists, and has been spending most of his time in northern California.

The footage was sent to a Paranormal group by a photographer/videographer who specializes in aerial videography using a quadcopter. A quadcopter is a drone that is lifted and propelled by 4 rotors.

The photographer says he was doing a pre-shoot to get some ideas about what they would shoot when the actual shoot day came. When he returned home and reviewed the footage, he noticed what appears to be a large man-like figure in one of the shots. He says he doesn't know if it's a bigfoot or a sasquatch, but he was confused and sent it in to the paranormal group for further analysis.

The footage was taken near Roseville, California. At the end of the video the "expert" says he believes this could be bigfoot. Or a man wearing black pants and a black hoodie.

So what do you think? Bigfoot? Sasquatch? Leave us your comments!

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