FireBoss plane crashes fighting the Horns Mountain fire in northeast Washington

The Department of Natural Resources reports that a FireBoss airplane has crashed in northeast Washington. There aren't a lot of details released right now, but we do know that the pilot did survive the crash.

The pilot was working on the Horns Mountain fire, burning about 838 acres near Northport, close to the US/Canada border.

According to the DNR, the pilot was able to get out of the crashed plane and to a nearby road where he flagged down a passing crew, who got help.

The firefighting plane was one of five assigned to fight the blaze.

The Washington Department of Natural Resources released the following statement regarding today’s aircraft incident:

“We are aware of an incident involving a fixed-wing aircraft at the Horns Mountain Fire near Northport, WA. We are working with our partners to gather more information at this time but want the public to know that the pilot of the aircraft is ok and receiving medical attention for any possible injuries.”

Air Spray USA, Inc, the company that owns the aircraft, stated:

“The aircraft experienced an unknown problem on the fire it was working near the US/Canadian border. The pilot executed a forced landing on a logging road and was able to exit the aircraft. He was transported to the hospital. No other information is available at this time. An investigation is in process.”

Incident Commander Brian Goff, NWIIMT9, the team managing the fire, said, “We are very relieved to learn that the pilot was able to walk away from this incident. Firefighting aircraft work closely with ground firefighters to contain the fire. They are all part of the team. I admire the skill and bravery they exhibit on every fire.”

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