Firefighter saves brother in Oldtown fire

Investigators are still piecing together what may have caused a vacant house fire in Oldtown, Idaho.

But we're learning more about one firefighters saving another in the line of duty.

Not much is left of that home, but Terry Emord, a firefighter for West Pend Oreille Fire District, says when crews were pulling up they were treating it as one they’ve been to before.

While they were working to put out the fire, Emord says he was going back to check one of the pumps that wasn’t working.

As he was leaving, he tripped and ended up breaking his leg.

Thankfully, his brother, Tony, was right there.

“He pulled us down, kept the fire off of us, kept us nice and cool and safe until help got there. He scorched his gear pretty good though, it was pretty hot, but we were doing what we could but he saved me,” Terry said.

Tony was the one who actually drove Terry to the hospital in Newport.

Little did Terry know he had minor burns on his thighs, smoke inhalation, and heat exhaustion as well.

The Emords are OK, but the fire is still under investigation.

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